Two artists living in split locations – Lori in North Dakota and Duane at a small farm in Appalachian Ohio – join in the city of Visalia to learn about and honor the role of worker and produce.

” We were looking for a project to do together, something that was in the public domain, but spoke to the issues that were important to us as individual artists. When we came across the Visalia Arts Consortium call for proposals for the Taste the Arts Festival we were immediately drawn to the criteria. They were asking for the work to comprise of produce grown in the area. I have  interests where botany and culture intersect, and  Duane is a social sculptor (a creator of events that bring people together). We developed our proposal and fortunately the consortium selected us from a national pool of candidates. ”

Currently, Esposito teaches painting and drawing at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. McDiarmid teaches sculpture at Ohio University. Visit their websites at: and