M.J., with Arts Visalia, joins me to visit small scale growers who sell their produce (popular in Filipino communities) over four hours away in San Fransisco. Along the way a community mural is spotted covering the side of a local business. We pass several citrus packing houses and an occasional milk truck. Packing houses were difficult to gain access to – my understanding is that they did not want us on the premise photographing because of safety concerns and their concern for their business’s competitive edge. This comes as a disappointment as the project sees these packing house workers as important contributors to the community.

Violet and Milo, have one full time worker and many dogs on board. Their greenhouses help shelter a variety of plants some reaching over 12 feet tall.  Pesticides are avoided due to cost and health risk. Violet shows us Long Bean and Malunggay — a “cure all” in the Philippines.

We visited the Tulare County Farm Bureau, a voluntary and independent non-governmental, non-profit organization of agricultural producers united for the purpose of achieving educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement.  Farm Bureau helps give farmers and ranchers a united voice to promote and protect their common interests without regard to political or religious affiliation.  Farm Bureau is local, statewide, national and international in scope and influence. I was able to photograph several farmers at this location.