In Ohio Duane is working day and night to weld the main stage of the piece. His job is no easy task as he works with open flame in 100 degree temperature. The structure will be 12 feet high and provide shade for a gold leaf centerpiece of produce from the Visalia/Tulare area. It is made from steel, which is a very reusable material. We are having fantasies about transforming the object into a greenhouse after the project is complete.

Moving back and forth between sewing to welding. The two activities are strangely similar, piecing together fragments into a larger whole. Of course the experience of the two activities couldn’t be more different in other ways. While sewing Duane must be clean and work with a delicate material. Welding is a dirty and exhausting job. As Duane works the cell phone occasionally rings bringing our tasks together, as I am excited to share with him the experiences of my journey in Visalia, and he the progress with the structure emerging in the studio.